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Welcome to Smart Glow Technical Solutions

Smart Glow Technical Solutions is the leading provider of Smart Home technologies. With a focus on user experience , Smart Glow Technical Solutions is creating a revolution in the industry by bridging the world of distributed media (music, pictures, videos and movies) with sophisticated control systems for lighting, appliances, curtains, security, air conditioning, IR systems, and multi-room audio.

With these core values propositions in mind, Smart Glow Technical Solutions has surfaced purely on the strength of commitment to dealer customers. Established through the wealth of knowledge, vast experience and expertise in all facets of electronics with a cumulative practice for many years by its Management. The company then has become a frontrunner in offering the Home Automation Solutions that are scalable to any level of homes, apartments, offices, high-rising building, mass and private developments ensuring that all requirements are met within budget wise and time schedules, with optimized system functionality and improving operation efficiency. We also provide Green home automation at affordable price.


We are committed to meet the goal of our dealers to achieve the highest standard of living by providing them with the utmost concepts and solutions using the most reliable and renowned products while demonstrating innovative devices engineered to exceed our customers expectations. This is accomplished by focusing on the design and quality to provide our dealing customers with a superior product and solutions for a comfortable, secure and convenient living.


To become a leading and trusted partner for the global automation industry in the area of building automation and home automation through leveraging our local and global competencies.

Our Clients & Brands

Smart Glow Technical Solutions comes with the following brands:

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